Inositol is an essential nutrient source for birds and mammals


Inositol participates in metabolic activities in the body, and has various functions such as immunity, prevention and treatment of certain diseases. In fermentation and food industry, it can be used for the cultivation of various strains and the promotion of yeast growth, etc. If higher animals lack inositol , there will be growth stagnation and hair loss and other phenomena, the human body's daily demand for inositol is 1-2g, many health drinks and children's food are added with trace amounts of inositol.
Inositol is also a growth factor for certain microorganisms in the intestine, and when other vitamins are deficient, it can stimulate the vitamin-deficient microorganisms to synthesize vitamins.

Функции и приложения

1. In Medical Industry:mainly used to confect multi-vitamin pills and various nutritional amino acid- vitamin infusion products. In addition, it can also be used in the treatment of cirrhosis,hepatitis,fatty liver,arteriosclerosis,high cholesterol in the blood,high diabetes, carbon tetrachloride poisoning etc. Its anti-cancer effects are particularly remarkable.
2. In Food Industry:it may be taken directly or used as nutrientdrinks or nutrient agent of food for children. It may stimulate themetabolism of human body,such as Red Bull.
3. In Feed Industry:as a food additives, inositol is used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth.As a feed additives, not only increase growth rate, but also avoid the most common inositol deficiency of shrimp and fish.
4. In Fermentation Industry:Inositol is used for culture of various strains and promotion yeast growth, prevention of skin-aging and hair loss.

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