Dextrose Monohydrate


Dextrose Monohydrate is widely used in food, beverage, candy and pharmaceutical industries



Dextrose Monohydrate is a kind of white hexagonal crystal which used starch as the raw materials. It is usually used as a sweetener.

Dextrose Monohydrate has characteristics of good fluidity and solubility, moderate viscidity, emulsification, stableness and antirecrystallization, low water absorbability, less agglomeration, better carrier for sweeteners.

BP/USP/FCC Food/Pharma/Injection Grade

Other name:D-glucose

Appearance:White Crystalline Powder



Package:25 KG/BAG

Shelf life:2 years

Test Item Standard Results
Appearance Colourless or white crystal powder, inodorous, with sweet taste Conform
Content( on dry basis) ≥ 99.5% 99.80%
Specific rotatio +52.0 to +53. 52.9
PH 4.0-6.5 5.67
Chloride ≤0.01 <0.01
Sulfated ash, % ≤0.25 <0.1
SO2,mg/kg ≤25.0 6.28
Loss on drying (%) ≤10.0 8.4
Cu, (mg/kg) ≤5.0 <5.0
Pb, (mg/kg) ≤0.5 <0.1
Arsenic, (mg/kg) ≤0.5 <0.1
Total plate count (cfu/g) ≤3000 <10
Coliform, (mpn/g) ≤3 <3
Salmonella Negative Negative
Staphylococcus Aureus Negative Negative
Shigella Negative Negative

Функции и приложения

1. Dextrose monohydrate is directly edible and can be used in confections, cakes, beverages, biscuits, torrefied foods, medicinal drugs jam jelly and honey products for better taste, quality and low cost.

2. For cakes and torrefied foods it can keep soft, and extend shelf life.

3. Dextrose Powder can be dissoluted, it can widely used in beverages and cold food.

4. The powder is used in artificial fiber industries.

5. The property of Dextrose Powder is similar to that of high maltose syrup, so that it is easy to be accepted in market

6.Direct consumption it can increase physical strength and endurance. It can be used as supplementary fluids for patients suffer low blood sugar, fever, dizziness collapse

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